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FreeShield: Unlimited Free VPN

Sviluppatore KeepSolid Inc

FreeShield is the simplest way to keep you, your smartphone, and your personal information safe online. The app protects you from hackers attacking via malicious apps, websites, or unsecured wifi networks.With FreeShield you can:
- Use unprotected networks (including public wifi hotspots) without compromising your security - Prevent your mobile carrier or ISP from monitoring your traffic - Protect your passwords, credit card details, and private messages through an encrypted VPN - Avoid the annoying and disruptive injection of extra advertising into your internet experience
Best of all, it’s completely free.
FreeShield works by directing all data traffic from you mobile device through a secure, encrypted VPN connection. This security layer prevents third parties from intercepting and reading your data. Note that FreeShield may analyze this information for product development purposes.
See how easily hackers can access your device when you use an unsecured wifi network in this article:
Even your mobile carrier can interrupt your experience, such as some cell carrier's practice of injecting ads into browsers: